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File:Garnet Wolseley.jpgeverything’s OK.all as it should be,highly satisfactory; 
(one-time British army slang)

recorded from the late 19th century, refers to the British soldier Sir Garnet Wolseley (1833–1933). The leader of several successful military expeditions, he was regarded as the ideal of the modern professional soldier, and was the model for the ‘modern Major-General’ in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance (1879).

Field Marshal Garnet Joseph Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley KP, GCB, OM, GCMG, VD, PC (4 June 1833 – 25 March 1913) was an Anglo-Irish officer in the British Army. He served in Burma, the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny, China, Canada and widely throughout Africa—including his Ashanti campaign (1873–1874) and the Nile Expedition against Mahdist Sudan in 1884–85. Wolesley served as Commander-in-Chief of the Forces from 1895 to 1900. His reputation for efficiency led to the late 19th century English phrase "everything's all Sir Garnet", meaning "all is in order"